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Videos - The Calm Collection

RWJBarnabas One Source Employee Assistance Program has launched a series of brief, recorded videos called, “The Calm Collection,” available to you and members of your family. In roughly two minutes, the EAP vows to help you and your family feel better. How do we do that? Some stress management, maybe a laugh or two. Please let us know what you think. Read more...

Season 2

Season 1

Season 2

Episode 1: "Mr. Fancy Pants"

In this double episode, Thomas Moore, EAP Administrative Director of Clinical & Business Services, opens Season 2 utilizing Cognitive Therapy to help us manage our emotions.

Episode 2: "Grounding Our Awareness"

Abdi Assadi, Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Author, leads us through an exercise to ground our consciousness and awareness into our physical bodies to create body-mind relaxation.

Episode 3: "Anti-Fragile - How We Can Turn Adversity Into Growth"

Owen Fitzpatrick, Psychologist, Author, TEDx talker, filmmaker, and yes, born and raised in Ireland, explains what the anti-fragile mind is, and how we can turn adversity into our own growth.

Episode 4: "Having a Bad Day? Be your Own Best Friend!"

NYC Actor, Writer, Change-maker, Jade Zaroff, encourages us to observe life's daily challenges with no judgment by learning to be your own best friend.

Season 1

Episode 1: Two Skills I Know You Have

Thomas Moore, EAP Administrative Director of Clinical & Business Services, shows us how we can create relaxation through breathing.

Episode 2: More Time with Family is Great!

Thomas Moore, EAP Administrative Director of Clinical & Business Services shows us how we can breathe and relax at home while we're spending more time with our families.

Episode 3: Journey To The Beach

Robert Lawrence Friedman, Senior Trainer, RWJBarnabas EAP, shows us how we can create relaxation through guided visualization.

Episode 4: Chanting to Alleviate Stress

Downtown NYC singer, actor and writer Kenyon Phillips describes how we can alleviate stress through just one minute of Buddhist chanting.

Episode 5: Tossing A Ball And Letting Go

NYC Actor, Writer, Director Jayce Bartok and his son Jax stay in the present by tossing a ball, and letting go of stress. Tiffany Bartok, filmmaker, directs.

Episode 6: Offering Yourself Nourishment

NYC Actor, Writer and Change-maker Jade Zaroff leads us through a meditation and affirmation exercise to relieve our stress. Written by Jade Zaroff and Tom Moore.

About The Calm Collection

The Calm Collection is being produced by Thomas Moore, Michael Pizzano and Martha Cowles. Each episode is made by the person in the video and edited by Michael Pizzano. More videos will follow from artists and therapists who are committed to helping our One Source EAP clients.