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The Four Communication Skills
Four Communication Skills
  • Thinking Before Talking - Having a clear idea of the information you are transmitting will help you in presenting a well-structured and trustworthy message.

  • Listening - Doesn't mean you don't speak. On the contrary, you support conversation. You show you are engaged and willing to learn more. Give your full attention to what the person is saying. Ask small questions, acknowledge that you are processing the information. By listening to others you have a better chance in verifying if the information you are providing was successfully received.

  • Speaking - speak clearly and slowly and to the point.

  • Nonverbal - Pay attention to body language. How is your body expressing the message? What is the other person's body language expressing? Practice eye contact - you will have a better chance of establishing rapport and promoting effective communication. Nonverbal communication can give away what a person is really thinking or feeling.

Communication is one of the most important forms of human interaction, but practicing it effectively is a skill that we have to develop. Next time you are getting ready to communicate with others, remember - the way you communicate with others will determine the attitude they will have toward you and the impact your words will have in their lives.

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